in the beginning…

Well, where do I begin. To start things off, I created this blog for the entire purpose of my Project 365. I had previously been using Flickr when I discovered that the free Flickr account limited you 200 photos, and after that, well you where outa luck. I thought, “Well how the heck am I suppose to upload 365 pictures to a site that is only going to let me upload 200? That just wont do” So hence, the Blogspot. I wasn’t going to give Yahoo! 25 of my hard earned dollars just so I could upload as many pictures as I wanted. No no, I decided that I would use Blogspot. Its free, it’ll probably let me complete my Project 365, and it will give you the opportunity to get to know me better! Aint that special?? haha So Hopefully, all of will enjoy the pictures to come. You can check out my previous 3-6-5 pics on my Flickr Account. Thanks! Have a great day!!

You can see the first few months of my Project 365 here, on my Flickr:
Matt :D


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4 responses to “in the beginning…

  1. Hey, I'm your first follower!!

  2. Hey Matt! Copycat. Anyway, I don't mind. It's cool to have a "sister" blog with a similar name. Coolio on starting the blog!!! Cheers!

  3. @seedling Sorry about the name stealing ash. haha i thought it sounded familiar! doh! i feel so dumb. haha i tried to do a photo. journey but i think it was taken. pity. haha

  4. hey matt! this is reid! we met at jonathans party! like i said, great job on the blog and keep up the good work and stuff!

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