the mind is quicker then the hand

Ok, so I have a confession to make. I thought I would tell you all this before I really start getting into this blogging thing. Ya see, When ever I type things, I tend to leave words out. What I mean by this is, when ever I compose ANYTHING, if, ands, but, you’s, I’s, and so forth tend to disappear from my sentences. Where do they go, I haven’t the darnedest. I have come up with a pretty good excuse for this though. See, whenever I am typing something my mind is always thinking ahead. Not by a few words, no no, but by a few sentences, maybe even the next paragraph. Since I am so motivated and eager to get onto the next sentence I tend to leave out important and critical stuff. Such as you’s, me’s and so forth.
Another flaw I have when type things is, misspelling. I misspell a lot of words. All the time. I cant help it. As I said, Im always looking ahead, so, whenever I type things I misspell most of my words. But there is a solution to this at least, Spell Checker! Thank you God for Spell Checker. It has saved me a lot of trouble and prevented me from looking stupid. haha

Now lets talk about Project 365. First of all, at the end of April I am no longer uploading to Flickr. Flickr wants me to give them 25 dollars for a year of unlimited photo uploading. Sure that sounds like a great deal, but 25 bucks is a lot of money when you get nothing in return. Secondly, Instead of posting everyday I was thinking I would probably post every other day. It would be easier that way and also it wouldn’t drive my followers nuts. So thats that. I’ll probably make a post like this a couple times a week just so you can get to know me better, and so I can get used to this blogging thing. haha!

Project 365 on Flickr

Matt :D



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2 responses to “the mind is quicker then the hand

  1. Lol. When I write by hand, sometimes I start writing the letter for the word my mind is on, instead of the one that I'm currently writing. It's frustrating having a quick mind ;)

  2. By the way, Cyrus is me… Elliott…

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