pictures pictures pictures

Thought it was time to upload some photos. Enjoy!

Matt :D

Day 68: My family and I went to dinner with and the Augustine’s tonight! We had chinese food and I actually enjoyed it! :D After that we went to their house, built a fire, and talked. I of course had my camera and decided to take some long exposure pictures. This one was one of the coolest!

Day 69: Well today I went to Stellar Days with my good buddy Daniel! I had a lot more fun then I thought I would! Which made it all the better! I even made a new friend that day! His name was Zachary!! He was pretty cool!

Day 70: Yesterday I went to Stellar Days with the Harneds! I had a super time!

Day 71: I have decided to take a few days leave on picture taking. So I will upload some of the ones I got just in the past couple weeks.


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