Ello! How yall been? If you ask me I have been super-duper-uper busy. Ive got a few projects going on in school and and finals to study for. Golly, summer couldnt come sooner. Anyway, I dont really have enough time right now to upload all my pictures. So I was just going to post a link to the pictures I have uploaded. Once I have to start using Blogspot for 365, I will become more prolific at uploading. But for now, you’ll just have to work with me here.

Day 78: is a pretty picture of some pink flowers and a cactus.

Day 79:is another picture of of pretty pink flowers (without a cactus though) accept with the Pin-Hole effect on.

Day 80:I got this with my phone. It was a sunset reflection in the mirror.

Day 81: Was at school today. It was cloudy and cold. Which is super strange for the middle of April.

Day 82: My dad found his old Film SLR today!! I was thinking of maybe using it for picture taking! :)

Day 83: Went to an Owl Refuge Center today. It was super neat!

Day 84: Had to film a commercial (school project) with my buddy Daniel today! Loads of fun!

And thats that. Phew, I was behind. Feels good to be caught up. Talk to yalls laters!!

Matt :D


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