my time is near….

Yup, my time on Flickr is almost up. In a couple days I will no longer be using Flickr to share my photos with the world, that job is being passed onto Blogspot.Huuh, kinda a bummer. Ive really gotten used to Flickr. Its so easy to use and upload photos and share them with the world. I’ll miss it so much, its just that I dont wanna pay 25 bucks for a one year Pro Account. I mean, if it were for like, ever, I wouldnt mind paying 25 dollars but for just one year seems a little steep, and I think its only for Flickr. If it gave me a Pro Account in like everything (Yahoo Mail, etc), then 25 dollars isnt all that bad. But, given the fact that its Yahoo! its probably only for Flickr. :( So, this is what I have to say to you guys, Please tell your friends, family, dogs, cats, birds, and what not to check out my blog!! Its not that hard of a task, really. Just post a link on Twitter or Facebook. Would you do that for me? For this smiley face? :) Awww, now isnt that cute? Doesnt it just motivate you to tell your friends about my blog? haha

Matt :D


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