a fresh start

Yup, its time!!!!! I am now going to be blogging! No more Flickr. :'( Yeah, I am kinda bummed but blogging should be good!! Im kind of excited! Anyway I thought I would provide the links to the previous pictures before I upload today’s picture. I thought I would upload everyday cause it would be easier that way. I noticed when I tell myself, “I’ll upload them tomorrow” it ends up being three or four days later. haha

Day 85: Remember when I went to that Owl Refuge Center? Yeah, well I didnt get any pictures for Day 85 so I decided to use one of them. They had an eagle there!!! He was soooo magnificent! –>To the picture<–

Day 86: What can I say? Probably one of my favorite songs! –>To the picture<–

Day 87: Obviously I had deep dish pizza for lunch! Of course it was tasty! –>To the picture<–

Day 88 Calvin. Wearing my “Harry Potter” glasses! hahah Yup, he’s a pretty cool little dude! :D –>To the picture<–

Day 89: My last Flickr picture. :( Depressed? You bet. –>To the picture<–

And that is the pictures that I havent uploaded. See? I told you that I procrastinate! Its a problem that I need to fix…tomorrow!!

Matt :D


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