oh boy do I have the pictures…

Well I have quite a few pictures to show yalls. So Im just gonna start goin’ through em.

Day 93: A humble flower. I just love flowers. Arizona has had a superb spring, by the way. It has yet to hit 100 degrees!!! Crazy!?!

Day 94: Yay, I know its another sunset picture. But come on! Its Arizona! Seriously, we have some amazing sunsets here!

Day 95: I had to go out to Casa Grande because my dad was selling a guy a boat. Thank goodness I brought my camera or else I would have suffered from severe boredom. Anyway, this is a picture of a flower on a tree. It had a bunch and it was hard to get a still shot cuz it was windy.

Day 96: A cool car! It was when I was at Casa Grande. I kinda lost track of the order of my pictures so I was just gonna pick some of the cool ones I got.

Day 97: Yeahhh, another pic I got from when I went to Casa Grande. haha But this is when I was coming home. I thought The sign look super cool!!

Day 98: I got this pic for just the randomness of it. I thought it looked pretty cool!

Day 99: My dad moved into a new office and this was the courtyard! We went at night so the pictures a fairly grainy. I kinda forgot I had a flash. lol

Well that concludes this set of pictures. I’ll upload the rest here in another blog post. Thanks for looking and please tell your friends!!

Matt :D


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  1. I like that car!! You have some uber cool old car shots. There are lotsa old cars here… I should go find some! haha.

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