Here are the rest of the pictures I havent been able to upload.

Day 100: This is when I went to the Apple Store to check out the iPad. I took this picture and low-and-behold my camera focuses on the lady in the reflection! I thought that was super cool!

Day 101:So I dont really know the order of the pictures I got for the past week, but I can tell you that I got this one awhile ago. Now the picture’s quality may suck but its the person in the picture that means alot to me. I met Daniel this year at school and have really only know him for a few months, but he has to be one of my bestest friends!! I seriously love this kid so much!! He means alot to me!! So who cares about quality? This picture is the best just because of the person in it!!

Day 102: Yay, this is Jonathan. Daniel’s younger brother. If you dont know Jonathan then this picture is gonna be werid and gross, but if you do, it sums him up. haha

Day 103: YupYup! Im all caught up!! Yaaayyy!! So today I (and Austin) got to take school yearbook pictures! It was pretty awesome! While I was setting up, Sam and Emily were havin’ some fun and they wanted me to capture this incredible moment. hahaha! But seriously Sam and Emily are some of the coolest people I know. I think of both of them as super great friends.

So now I am all caught up!!!! YAAAYYY!! This calls for a celebration!

Please tell your friends about my blog! Thanks!

Matt :D


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  1. Haha. I like the random lady reflected in iPad. :)

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