yeah, more pictures. Just a few days behind because on friday I went to Jonathan’s Birthday party and then that night I spent the night! We stayed up until 4 (well I did atleast) before I finally crashed. Then I woke up at 6. Prowled around the neighborhood, came back at breakfast, and then did alot of other stuff that day. Went to a Seussical. It was really good. Got home that night and was pooped. Got a good nights rest. Took a nap today. Uploading pics onto facebook. Watched King Arthur at my teachers house. Came home and am now in the process of uploading pics on the blog. I have been busy this weekend. So here are some pictures.

Day 104: This was at Jonathan’s Party. That was Kelly. I just loved Jonathan’s facial expression here. If you dont know Jonathan, well then just dont look at this picture. You wont understand.

Day 105: Since I didnt get a picture today, I decided to use a picture I got yesterday. It was a really pretty sunset yesterday. Beautiful colors and everything!

Day 106: Again, I didnt get pictures. Maybe cuz I spent alot of the time sleeping. haha Anyway Here is a picture of when I went camping with my dad and Jeff to Sheep’s Bridge here in Arizona. Pretty cool place I’d say.

Good night yall! Im bushed.

Matt :D


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