another friend

Sorry about not uploading last night guys! Are internet was down! Figures. Cox is terrible. Just about every week this happens. HUH! Oh, and if you are wondering how I sent that last post it was via text message! Yup! You can text to blogspot! Now thats pretty high-tech! lol
Anyway, I will upload yesterday’s and todays project friend picture in two separate posts.
Day 108-Emily- Wow, where do I start? Lets see… Emily joined class during the beginning of the second semester. When I heard her last name I thought she was related to someone else with the same last name. I thought I wold check to see if she had facebook and of course she did (who doesnt have facebook?). Well it turns out she was not related to those people. Who knew!?! Anyway, it was probably a good idea that we became friends on facebook because she needed help gettin’ into the swing of things for school. I’d have to say, for a new comer, she did pretty dang good! Her personality reminds me of another friend I have. Fun, happy, positive, encouraging, and so much more! She is a pretty amazing friend and I love her a lot. :)

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