you gotta friend in me

I just love it when I upload on the day Im suppose to upload. It just makes my day, but it today cause my day was already made when I saw a green Volkswagen Bus “speed” down the street! That, made my day.
So I dont know how many times I’ll tell you this but probably until I upload my last friend picture. Thats right, I am uploading a picture of every new friend I made this year. Now these arent just people I met and talk to from time to time, no no, these are friends that I genuinely care about and I am glad to have them in my life! I love you guys! :D

Day 110-Sarah- Guess what?!?! I met Sarah this year! Holy smokes!! Yup, well Sarah is pretty dang amazing. She’s really funny and super nice. I have kinda talk to Sarah throughout the whole year so she’s not Sam or Emily. She also has very good taste in music, such train, or Taylor Swift, and wonderful things like that. I love Sarah and Im glad to have her as a friend. :) Oh, and by the way, this is one of the few pictures I have gotten of her that she actually likes! So she wont get mad at me for uploading it! :D Woot!

Matt :D


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