the best for last

Thats right. The best. The best in the west! Now dont get me wrong, all the other friends that I uploaded before this one are really good friends and I love them a lot (like a brother or sister kinda love btw) but Daniel is totally different. So lets get started.

Day 112-Daniel- To start things off, Daniel is probably my best friend in the whole world! No joke. Seriously, I love this kid so fricken much! I met Daniel this year at school. I have only known him for a few months but as I said he’s like my best friend. Now you would think that I would have had a best friend here in Arizona by now, right? Wrong. I have really never had many good friends here in Arizona, thats probably the reason why I hated this state so much and why I was somewhat eager to move away. Its true! And at the time, I didnt matter because I didnt have many friends here so I didnt feel like I was leaving anyone majorly important behind. That all changed when I met Daniel. I know right? One person completely changing your opinion on moving n’stuff? Crazy! But its true! What I love about him is first of all, his personality is the best! Its hilarious! He can say some really embarrassing stuff and it doesnt seem to phase him. His totally weird, really random, and really funny. He’s got a big heart and I love him a lot.
Now if you are ever around when Im with him, you’ll probably notice that I make fun of him a lot. I pick on him, poke fun at him and lots of other kinda mean stuff. Now you would probably think that I didnt like him, but you my fellow reader, are drawing the absolute wrong conclusion! I dont treat him like that because I dont like him, I treat him like that because I treat kinda like a brother. Yeah, thats right a brother. See with a brother, you can pick on them, make fun of them, and do all sorts of stuff because you do it out of love. I would never actually want to hurt or make fun of Daniel because he is like a younger brother to me. Even though he is younger then me I still look up to him. Daniel, you have changed my life by a lot. You are a superbly amazing friend and I have no idea what my life would be like without you! I love you like your my brother! I love you a lot and I am really super glad to call YOU, my best friend.



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