a flower

Well as I stated, its gonna take a few days for me to get back into taking pictures. Oh how I love laziness. :) So, I’ll just upload this picture of a flower I got when I went camping with some friends. (I go camping a lot dont I?)

Day 114- I got this picture when I went camping with some friends. We had stopped at this abandoned corral for lunch. I was absolutely in love with these little flowers! I found this one superb because the flower is the only thing in-focus as the rest of the background is very blurry!

yellaw flowa

Matt :D


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3 responses to “a flower

  1. Jamie Harned

    It’s lovely!! And I really LOVE the above pic, the Avatar???? Is it??? Nice job!

  2. Elliott

    Haha. So this is your, what, 4th P365 outlet? Lol. I’m still just going with Facebook :) Perhaps I shall blog sometime, somewhere, somehow. Nice picture. But it is kinda tiny…

    • Matt higby

      Yeah, you should use wordpress. It’s a lot better then blogger. Also it’s small cuz I’m still trying to decide which picture size I should use. If you scroll down you will the pic Daniel and that’s the large size. It’s alittle to big. Also if you click on it (the pic) you’ll get a larger size.

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