Well, soooo, hehe, I didnt take any pictures today. Ive been kinda busy working on our class’s yearbook so I havent had much time to get pictures. But I did have time to look through some of the pictures I have taken. I think iPhoto told me that I have a little over 6,400 pictures in it. Something like that. haha! I know crazy right? Anyway I was just going through some of them just to see what I have shot in the past few months. (btw, Im trying different photo sizes)

Day 118- Justin- Well Ive known Justin for like…umm, forever I think? Haha Anyway, while I was looking through photos I came across the pictures I got of him when he was in town. When I saw this one, well, I thought it could use some editing. The original picture itself is rather blain and dull, (btw Justin is not a blain or dull person). So I began moving the dials around trying to make it “stand out.” After a few minutes of work I ended up with this! No, Justin isnt pale white, I just wanted it to look like that. I thought it looked super cool! Anyway, I miss Justin a lot cause he lives all the way up in Oregon. So I only get to see him a couple times a year. I know! It sucks! But oh well, when we are together, even when we are doing nothing, we are still having fun! Yup, he’s pretty much the awesomest friend ever!


Please tell your friends about my blog!

Matt :D


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