a cat in the sink

Day 120-haha, yup, our kitty got a bath today!! My sister said he was getting kinda smelly and thought we should give him a bath. Well, we did. He wasnt to happy about it, but oh well, he smells all nice and fresh now! So we now have a klean kitty!!! Yeaaaaa!!!!!

My mom giving the kitty a bath!

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Matt :D


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2 responses to “a cat in the sink

  1. He’s so cute! Haha!

    BTW, where did you get the “Oooooh, statistics” widget?

    • Well go to “My Dashboard” then scroll down to “Appearance” and click on it, you should see a widgets tab, and somewhere amongst all those widgets is a statistic widget. Its like called “Blog Stats” or something but you can rename it, as I did.

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