me and mah sista

Happy Memorial Day everyone! Hopefully your Memorial Day was a fun and relaxing time. Remember this holiday is to pay respect to those who fought and died for this country’s freedom. If it wasnt for them, you probably wouldnt be reading this blog. I probably wouldnt be blogging or even taking pictures. Those who fought for my freedom rose up and sacrificed their life so I could be doing something like this, expressing my right to freedom of speech. Thank You.
Now for the Project picture. I meant to get some pictures today but my family and I spent the afternoon (and most the night) watching Star Wars!
Day 121- haha, This was taken when we went to Ramona, California to celebrate my Great-Great-Great Aunt Cora Lea’s Birthday. My parents had gone out to met some of my aunt’s family for a football game or something and my sister and I didnt want to go. So while they were gone we took out my mom’s computer and started playing with the webcam. Its a funny story actually because at the time, we both started talking about how we see a lot of our friends who post pictures of them taking pictures together and how we never do that. We both thought it was silly and kinda weird but then like some how, we started taking pictures together. Oh my gosh, we had so much fun! I think this picture pretty much captures what we were doing, which was pretty much being either stupid or really funny! It was a fun time and since then, we havent done it. Weird. Oh and we took these in out motorhome, so maybe going Rving brings a family together in a weird way…

Mah sista and meh!

Happy Memorial Day and God Bless America and our Troops!

Matt :D


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