motion in the clouds

Well lets see, today I started a summer camp called MozeArt. Its kinda like a theatre class thing and I super excited to be in it! I got the part as the town drunk. :P haha, I guess everyone said it was a fitting part for me. Is that a good thing?
Day 122- Well since I started this MozeArt thing, Project 365 might be put on the back burner. Anyway, when I went to go take out the trash, I looked up at the sky to see the clouds, and this is what I saw! I just loved the motion! It was pretty incredible! Oh, and by the way, I have big news! My dad is going to transfer Adobe Photoshop CS4 to my mom’s computer!! So guess what? That means I will be using a professional grade photo editing software for my pictures!! Holy moly! So many people have already told me that my pictures look professional, and that was with iPhoto! So I wonder what this will be like??

the clouds

Please tell your friends about my blog!

Matt :D


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  1. Nancy

    Wow Matt! I was outside at my house that same evening and saw these really amazing clouds. Even alerted my neighbors to look up and see the beauty. Am so glad you got a shot of this.

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