I give to you, some pictures.

I have to admit that I have not been taking pictures the past week. Well, I have actually, but they are on my phone and I still cant find that little cable to get the pictures off. So, I hate to say it, cause I do this a lot, but Im going to have to upload previously taken pictures. Hopefully after Im done with this play I’ll be able to get back into picture taking. So for now, these next few pictures are pictures that I have gotten from when Ive gone camping and such.

Day 123- I took this photo when I went camping with my dad and Jeff to Sheep’s Bridge. In a nutshell, all Sheep’s bridge is/was an old bridge that was used for sheep to cross over the Verde River. Now-a-days it is no longer used for sheep and has become a walking path across the river. Actually, the black and white picture above is Sheep’s Bridge. This picture is just a little walking path after you cross Sheep’s.

Walking Path

Day 124- Remember when I went to Nancy’s? Of course you do because Ive uploaded so many pictures from that time! haha! So yes, this is a picture I got when I went over to Nancy’s. I have always loved pictures of water droplets because of the way they reflect light and such. I also LOVE Black and White photos so I really like this one.

Water droplets and Leafs

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Matt :D


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