Sorry bout not uploading last night! I went over to my teacher’s house for a worldview meeting and I got home kinda late and I needed to be well rested for summer camp!

Day 125- Well I was bored in my room so I was taking pictures of random of stuff. I was drinking this drink called “Switch.” I thought this looked kinda cool and after some editing I made it look way cooler!

Top of a soda can

Day 126- MoezArt! Yeah! So today I actually brought my camera! I didnt really want to bring it for the first week because…well I didnt want everyone to think I was weird. But then I came to realize that everyone there is weird! So I didnt care! This is a picture of Zachary. Since the play is a western we all are really getting into that era and style! haha! It’s pretty awesome!

Snackary of Bender!

Tell your friends about my blog and have a great week!

Matt :D


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