the west is still wild…

Well I am still doing that MoezArt Play thing. To tell you the honest truth, I havent had this much fun in a looooong time. Like yesterday, I have never laughed so hard in my entire life!! It had to be one of the best days of my entire life!! Today was awesome too! We went through dress rehearsal, and also went through the entire play today!! Great job guys!

Day 128- So, I am still in this MoezArt play, “The Forgotten Sheriff.” I really enjoy bringing my camera because I starting to LOVE taking pictures of people! I used to kinda hate having people in my pictures cause, well I dont really know. I just didnt like it. But I realized that people are just part of pictures sometimes, and now that I grown to like love it, I going to admit, that it is my FAVORITE aspect of photography. I love capturing the facial expressions and the personality’s of the people in the picture! There is so much character in this picture Im going to let it speak for itself.

Daniel, Jonathan, and Caden!

Please tell your friends about my blog!

Matt :D


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