Hey Yall! Sorry I havent been blogging much. Im on vacation right now! Ive taken lots of pictures.

Day 135- The first day of the trip! We have to leave out of Phoenix and go up to Heber, Arizona. My parents say it is the roughest part of the trip. Day 136- Driving down the road we ran into a little awning trouble. It started to like unroll or something so we had to pull over and fix it. I decided to get pictures and thought this one was cool!Day 137- Ok, so like there was this super-mega-huge storm coming in tonite! It was crazy big looking! I think the picture speaks for itself. Day 138- Happ 40th Anniversary Burt and Monica! Today we went over to Lubbock, Texas to celebrate my aunt’s parents anniversary! This isnt there dog but she sure was cute. Oh, and this is how my camera takes Black and White pictures. No editing done to it.

Please tell your friends about my blog!

Matt :D



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