glad to be back!

Hey everyone! I havent been able to blog in awhile because I was on a vacation in Texas and Colorado. We didnt have very good internet so I had to postpone blogging.

Day 140- This is what it is like to ride in out motorhome. I like to call it the MoHome though.

Day 141- We stayed at the Alpen Rose Rv Park in Durango, Colorado. This is what we were camping under. Day 142- Ok, this picture has to be one of my favorites! When I was taking this picture, I remembered that I had panorama making software on the computer! So I decided to take my first pano! I think it turned out really really good!Day 143- On this day, my sister, dad, and I went gliding! It was absolutely incredible!!! This image (in color) turned out to be one of the better ones. Being that it looked good in color, I decided to try it out in B&W. I also tried (for the first time) Photoshop! I spent about two hours working on this photo! It was worth it! And yes, the water was that strange bluish-green color.Day 144- I was kinda bored this day so I decided to go outside and get pictures of this tree’s leaves. I took about 30 photos and it boiled down to this one. I really like the bokeh (background blur) in this picture, it adds something to it.  So here is just a few days worth of pictures. Im going to upload the rest in another post!

Please tell your friends about my blog!

Glad to be back!

Matt :D


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