more and more pictures

Wow! Long time, no see! haha So here are the rest of the pictures from the trip

Day 145- This was our last day in Durango. We (my family and I) decided to take a bike and enjoy the cool mountain air. Theres something about this photo that I really like. its kinda mystifying. And I know, I know, It is a very bad thing to point the lens of your camera into direct sunlight, because it will burn out the sensor. I know, I know, but I was willing to take that risk for the shot!Day 146- While we were driving home from Colorado, I noticed the cool lookin clouds outside! This is how my camera captured these clouds. I didnt have time to edit them. I think it looks pretty cool.Day 147- Home! Yes, this was the car ride back into town. We left our motorhome up in the mountains so it would stay cool. Well as we were heading back into town, the AC broke! Now in most states this wouldnt be that big of a problem, but in Arizona, its national crisis. An Air Conditioner is crucial here in Arizona! Especially when its 110 degrees outside! We had our cat with us and he was so terribly hot! It was kinda funny but we were all glad to get back into the cool climate controlled house. Thats it! Those are all the pictures I needed to upload for the past week! With today as the exception. Ill do that later tonight.

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Matt :D


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