architectural angles

Well today was a good day. You know why? Because I FINALLY distributed the yearbooks!! I have been wanting to give them out for about two weeks now, but I was on vacation so I couldnt pass them out. It was nice to know that everyone loved them!! It made it all worth while! I cant wait to do next year’s!

Day 150- So, I heard somewhere or another, that for Project 365, you dont really always have to upload a picture that you took that day. Sometime you can go back and pick others that you have previously taken. Even if Im wrong, I still think its a good idea. You know why, because see, I take a bunch of pictures. And sometimes I have trouble picking just one picture that I took that day. In a way, I feel bad that some of my pictures may never be made public to the world, when some of them are really cool! So I find it only fitting that I start doing this. I wont do it for all my Project pictures, because odds are, I am going to get some cool pictures, and dont worry, I will still try to take pictures everyday, just somedays I forget my camera and somedays i just dont get any pictures. But enough chit-chat, about this picture. I took it when I went on my trip to Colorado. This is in the little town of Silverton. I wanted to test my architectural skills and try and capture some buildings at some cool and interesting angles. This one turned out to be one of the cooler ones, and one of my favorite pictures.You know what methinks, methinks, (yes, that is an actually word. Look it up in the dictionary.) you should tell EVERYONE about my blog!!

Matt :D


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