OH THE HUMANITY!!! Woes of a Photographer Part 2!

So here we are again, dealing with the woes we photographers have to put up with. What can I say, we put up with a lot of stuff. So lets begin!

“Phooey on you”- This makes sense. See most of the time we photographers are disrespected, looked down upon in society. I think its true. I mean most the time when people see us, they think of us as freaks! We stand weird, we look weird, all we talk about is lenses, mega-pixals, and photoshop. Of course we are weird! We like it! Its how we roll. But some people have trouble understanding that. My tip for you is, dont try and understand us, we dont make sense, we never have, and we never will.

Digital Dude- does anyone remember film? Like, what happened to it man? It used to be the thing ya know? Like, digital was unheard off. So, like, what happened to it? Ok, I know digital is the new thing now. But I would like to ask the question, what did happen to film? I mean film is so classy. Its the TRUE photograph, in my honest opinion. Like nowadays, with our fancy digital cameras and high speed SD/CompactFlash Cards we just take a bagillion photos, put them on out computer, and delete the ones that arent good enough. But see with film, youve only got one chance really. You have to get everything spot-on or youve wasted an exposure! And film cost quite a pretty penny to buy and develop! So see, in film, you have to focus on taking a good photograph. Its what makes photography an art. Now Im not saying digital is a curse, but in my opinion, it kinda takes away from the artistic side of photography.

Paperweights- this happens quite often the realm of photography. See what happens here is when your battery dies, your camera, becomes useless. It becomes, a paperweight. And since most cameras use rechargeable batteries you cant walk into Walgreens and get a box of AA’s to replace it. Unless you have an extra battery or two with you, youve got an expensive paperweight wrapped around your neck.

Full as a Tick- We’ve all been there. You’re out-and-about taking pictures when your card says its full. You panic. You search your bag (if you carry one), your pockets, anything, to see if you have another card on you. You dont. You cry. You ask God why does this always happen to you?!? You weep some more. You pick up your camera and go home. You see fifty million more photographic opportunities but you cant capture it because your card is full. You kick yourself in the face. You get home. You sit down at your computer. You plug in your card reader. You begin to import photos when a message pops up on your screen. Your hard drive is full. You say a lot of bad things! You cry again (we photographers are soft). You now realize that you are going to have to buy ANOTHER hard drive to put photos ons. You decide it would just be easier to end it all….Ok, by now you should get my point. We take so many pictures that we run out of room on our HD’s and cards. Its a terrible thing. Oh the Woes…

Lets recap on what we have learned today:

  • “Phooey on You”
  • Digital Dude
  • Paperweights
  • Full as a Tick

And that Ladies and Gentlemen conclude today’s lesson in the Woes of a Photographer.

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Matt :D The Woeful Photographer


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