oh crud! I opened photoshop!

Dear Photoshop, thank you for ruining my life. I now find myself spending countless hours working on photos. Im addicting. You’re amazing. You’re powerful. You make me feel powerful. You’re complex. I like that. You’re confusing. Im confused. Its a match made in heaven. I hate you. I love you. Get out of my life. Dont ever leave my life. Leave. Stay. Leave. No. Stay. See, Im confused. We’re through. Dont ever leave my life. Get out. Come back.

I hate you,

Matt >:O

I love you,

Matt :D <3

Day 157- Well today was a busy day. I helped clean the house. Then went to see Toy Story 3 with my best friend. Came home. Went to go get pizza with family. Came home again. Had dessert (not desert). Said good-bye to family. Cleaned up some. Sat down at the computer. Clicked Photoshop… an hour later. I came up with this!! Its an old picture but I think its really cool!

How many times have I told you to tell your friends about my blog??? Well do it!!

Matt :D


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