OH NO!! Its a underwater blue rhino!!

Day 158- Well today we met my Aunt and Uncle at Joe’s Real BBQ for lunch. While I was there I remembered that one of my friends, Michelle, from “The Forgotten Sheriff” worked there! I was hoping she would be there today cause it would be super cool to see her. As luck would have it, she was!!! It was pretty awesome to see her! I asked Michelle if she still had this underwater blue rhino (pictured below). Her face lit up as I mentioned this and as quick as light she pulled him out from purse! My heart skipped a beat! I was shocked she still had him!! I held him. Took his picture. Oh we had such a joyous time together! :D Oh yeah, and it was nice to see Michelle. :P hahaha

Now after reading that description your probably thinking, “Matt, you’ve cracked your nut.” Well, I probably have, but give me a minute to explain how this came along. Does anyone remember those sponge sea-creature things that you buy in the pills and let them soak in water and they hatch? Well thats what this underwater blue rhino is. But it isnt. See, this is actually a manta-ray. But while it was “hatching” Michelle said it looked kinda like a rhino. And well, it kinda did. It had a horn n’stuff… anyway, Colin noticed that it was a blue underwater rhino! To really sum things up (cause to explain the whole thing would take a long time) it ended up being one of the bestest days of my life!! I had never laughed so hard!! So hence, this underwater blue rhino has a lot of memories in it! And it your wondering what its wrapped in, well thats tape. Caden………….Caden decided to..to..to sea-creature-nap (kinda like kidnap) and torture him!!! :O When we found him, he was barely alive. Michelle took him home and has been nursing him back into a better state of being. He’s never been the same since then though. Its a tragedy. But he is in safe hands with Michelle. :) Ok, yeah, you probably think Im still crazy. Whatever.

A rare, underwater blue rhino!!

Show the world THE ONLY UNDERWATER BLUE RHINO IN EXISTENCE!!!! Tell your friends about my blog!!! Let them see THE RAREST SEA CREATURE IN THE WORLD!!

Matt :D


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One response to “OH NO!! Its a underwater blue rhino!!

  1. Hahaha. Matt, I think your nut was cracked at birth, and you’ve been cracked since then. That’s a good thing, though; because we love the nut cracked Matt! Ha!
    Great pictures so far! I actually went out today and took some good pictures. I finally had the inspiration to go out. Yay!

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