a novel idea!

So I have decided to do something, something different. What might that idea be? Well see when I upload a picture, sometimes I put a little description on what I did that day. Well what I ve decided is instead of doing that in the Project Picture’s description, I will make it before I tell about the picture. Make sense? Here’s an example:

This would be the “On This Day…” post. So, blah blah blah blah Blah bLah blAh blaH yack yack yack chitter chatter humdeedum whatnots and ticks tocks and goldie locks with a lot of rocks??? socks!!! yeah, Im a great rhymer!

Day 264382047592874793029171152995058463729230287374728- most people wont like live that long!!! But see, Im immortal!!! Please just pretend you never saw this photo for it is childish and ridiculous. (and yes, I editededed it. Hey, you would try and make yourself look better if you had photoshop!!!)

If you have ever been dying to know what I look like....

And fundametally, thats what it will look like. And see, this is exclusively for my blog!! Yup! Facebook wont get this! But if Im feeling lazy or I just dont feel like telling you how my day went, I wont put it in! So now you will get to see what its like to live in my shoes…kinda…not really…yeah…just read this and tell your friends about my blog, K?


Matt :D


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