party poopers!

On this day- Well lets see, today my sister and I traded some music and during that process decided to sing Justin Bieber songs. Then I went to Target and bought stuff!!! (I love stuff) Went to Sonic and got a large vanilla Dr Pepper. Came home and a few minutes later left for a birthday party! Had a bunch of fun there! Now Im home, I smell like shaving cream and pool water, am very tired, and blogging. haha
Day 160- low-light action shots. Yeah, theyre hard to capture cause, you guessed it, low light! But using the flash and high speed flash burst mode, I was able to capture this shot! I think its pretty cool!

Well I think Im going to go to bed. Before my eyes fall out. :P
Tell your friends about my blog!
Nighty night!

Matt :D


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