new photoshop trick!!

On This Day- nothing happened. Yeah, pretty much a couch potato day. It was kinda nice actually. :)

-Im gonna try somethin’ new here. I am going to be uploading an edited and unedited version of a Project picture for the next week or so. Just to show yall what my pictures looked like before…and after!
Day 162- GUESS WHAT!! NO! YOU’LL NEVER GUESS!! OK! IM GONNA TELL YA! I learned some new Photoshop trick today!!! I dont really know how to explain what I did, but I learned it from the Pioneer Woman. Since I have no idea on what I really did, Ill just post you the link so you can check it out yourself! Check dis ooouuutt!!! Anywho, I didnt get any pictures today. But I needed a portrait picture to try this new photo effect thing, so I decided to use this one I got of Calvin yesterday. I liked the angle and how we are sitting on the escalator. So I thought it would make a good picture to experiment on! So here is the original photo. Not bad, but it needed some adjusting.

The original, unedited image.

But after some editing (and using the new trick I learned today- Check it out) I came up with this! I like it sooo much better! His skin isnt bleached out from the flash anymore, the color looks a little better, I cropped out some random dudes, and…I made the background more blurry!! Booyah!!!

Oh yeah! Looks a lot better!!

And just for kicks, I blacked and whited it. Theres just something I like about a B&W image.

I love Black and White portraits!

Tell your bestest and worstest friends about my blog!

Matt :D



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9 responses to “new photoshop trick!!

  1. Elliott Price

    Ohhh I miss that mall!!! We don’t have real malls here, just fancy shopping centers that people *call* “malls.” Good job finding out cropping! :D

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