let the rain fall down

On This Day- well again not much happened in the morning. But tonight we went to see Knight and Day and then had Chick-Fil-A for dinner.

Day 165- Ok, I am seriously sick and tired of living in Arizona! Its so dang hot out you cant go out and do anything without drowning in your own sweat! Its terrible! So, as you might know, I havent taking many pictures. I actually went out to get a picture(s) of clouds and the sun. Well, they didnt turn out so good. Oh well. So, I dove back into the National Archives (not really) and looked around for a photo that hasnt made Project 365. I found this one. I have shown this one to many people before because its one of my favoritest pictures. And get this, I took it on my mom’s camera. Anyway I took this photo when my sister and I went to go spend a week with my grandparents in Montana. Their rental house was on a golf course right on the pond! It was super cool!

Unedited picture-

Here is the original picture. Its actually not to bad for a SOOC picture. But I thought I could make it better.

Now I worked on this photo in Photoshop so I dont really remember what I did. But I changed colors and curves and other stuff like that.

Ahhhhh, much better. Now it "pops" off the screen. Much more catchy. I like it. :)

*on hands and knees “Oh please! Please tell your friends about my blog! Oh please! Or else we’ll loose the farm!”

Now Playing on my iPod- Gimme Sympathy (this is like one of my FAVORITE songs!!!)

Matt :D


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