On This Day- Well judging by the title, today was my mum’s birthday! She turned 29 today! Geez, her last 21 birthdays have been her 29th. Its really weird. I guess women stop aging after 29 or something. haha Well today we just kinda hung out. My mom didnt want to do anything fancy or elaborate for her birthday. So all we really did was clean my mom’s car (cause it needed to be cleaned. Kids are just so messy. :P) and then went to In-N-Out for dinner. After that we came home and watched “Old Dogs” It was a funny and cute movie.

Day 167- So we decided that we would put fifty candles on my mom’s cake. That candle on the side is “the fuse.” haha Yeah! My mom’s birthday was da bomb! lol It was my dad’s idea. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM!!!!!

Decided not to edit this picture. Didnt think it needed it.

Mommy's Red Velvet Cake! Made with love by Costco. ;)

Can I tell you something? Please! Please! tell your friends about my blog! (notice I said please TWICE!!!)

Now Playing on my iPod: Hey, Soul Sister – Train Yet another one of my favorite songs. :)

Matt :D


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