everything is bigger in texas

On This Day- lets see the morning was pretty boring. Not much happened. But then we went to Costco to get stuff. And while we were there I ran into my old kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Ward!!! It was crazy!! After that we came home, had a steak dinner. My mom and sister went to some jewelry thing at someone’s house so my dad and I had the house to ourselves!
Day 168- Well I finally figured out a way to get the pictures off my phone! I “misplaced” the cord that is needed to transfer them over. Luckily though, I found a micro SD card and its reader and decided to transfer all the photos to that and import them into the computer. Yeah, kinda a slow way to do it but hey, it works. This picture was taken on my phone while we were driving over to Lubbock, Texas.

Here is the unedited version of the picture. Since it was taken on my phone, I was not happy with the picture at all. I seem to have a thing against camera phones. Dont really know why though.

I decided to edit it in Photoshop. Hey, who said you cant edit cell phone pictures in photoshop??? (silence) Nope, I didnt hear anyone either. So I changed a bunch here.

I like the contrast between colors. Sure it looks over-photoshopped but guess what??? It is.

And as usually, I thought it might look cool in B&W.

I <3 Black and Whites!

You know what? Just tell your friends about my blog. K?

I would also like to say, that my blog has had 500 views as of today!!!!!!!! I know its not much, but I still think its really awesome!!! Thanks for telling your friends about my blog n’stuff! Keep it up!!!

Now playing on my iPod- Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus – yet another one of those songs I really like.

Matt :D


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