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On This Day- Guess where I went??? Costco! Again! For the third time in four days! haha But this time we went for a purpose, which was entirely dedicated towards me! :D Well actually it was for my dad too. You wanna know what we did? Well my dad wanted some of my pictures for his office and since Costco has the best prices for printing photos we, duh, got them printed there! Yeah, we got two 11×14 prints for like $7! And then we got a HUGE 20×30 print for $10! Yeah pretty smokin’ deals at Costco.

Day 169- This is the picture (taken with my phone :P :P :P :P) that was being printed at Costco! It actually was one of my Project pictures. Check it out at my Flickr here! Yup, we got this one printed in a 11×14 (for my dad’s office) and 20×30 (for my room). It turned out super incredible!!! And it didnt cost to much.

This photo is unedited. Since it was a picture from my phone and wasnt really taken as a photograph. Just mainly to capture the moment of something cool!

Now Son, you just go tell all your friends about Matt’s blog ok? Do it for your father.

Now Playing on my iPod- The Fame – Lady Gaga

Matt :D

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