as the sunset’s…

On This Day- Sadly, I didnt go back to Costco today. :( I know, what a pity. But I did do something productive. My dad had about 500 T-Shirts that needed to be tagged so I spent most of the morning doing that. Then my grandpa stopped by this afternoon to say hi n’stuff. The we went to Arby’s for dinner! It was a good thing I brought my camera because the sunset was really incredible!!! And since it “appeared” that we were gonna get a storm (looks like we wont though) the clouds were absorbing all of the sun’s wonderful colors!!

Day 170- Well as I said, the clouds were making this evening a pretty amazing sunset!!! I just love all the colors and the motion in the clouds! I had trouble picking just one, so I decided to upload two pictures for today! Hey, nobody said I couldnt.

I like this one best for all the motion in the clouds and everything. Sadly, the stupid Taco Bell and cars were a distraction.

But using Photoshop, I was able to edit out all the annoying cars and the lights from TB!! Then I used "Hard Light" (and changed the curve a bit cause it was a little to "Hard") to really make it pop!

This was the view outside the Arby's window. My mom said it looked like someone had tried to "comb the cloud."

Then using the "Hard Light" (and changing the curve) I ended up with this!!! It almost looks like a volcano erupting!

Like, you should, like totally, like tell, like ALL your friends about like, my blog. Like…yeah!

Now Playing on my iPod- Scars – Miley Cyrus – This has to be my favorite song on her new CD!

Matt :D


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