pictures to burn

So, here I am, finally getting to upload some pictures. One of the days I took a bunch of super good photographs so I decided to make some of the other days, photos from that day. Make sense? I always do. Lets start:


Day 172- No editing done to this picture. Just left it the way it was. My dad and I stopped my Creekside for dinner on our way up the mountains. This was his jar of water.



Day 173- This is the original photo. Unedited. I thought in and of itself, it is a fantastic photo, so I thought Photoshop could make it even better!



And here is the edited version. I dont know what I did but I changed stuff around a bit. Oh and these are the pictures I got when I went on a hike by some friend's house up in Pinetop, AZ.



Day 174- From the hike. I saw this little flower and then the bug. I just love how the bug stands out with his bright red, yellow, and black body! No editing done to this picture.



Day 175- From the hike. I love this picture!! This was like an 1/8 of a second exposure, handheld. Unedited version.



Day 175- From the hike. So I decided to edit it some in Photoshop. It looks so much better now!


Day 176- I dont really know what night I took this but I love the sparks flying off and everything. No editing done here.

Day 177- (current day) Today we drove over to Durango, Colorado again. It was cloudy and I thought they looked really cool. No editing done here.

Now Playing on my iPod- Nothing! Im here sitting by a creek in Durango, blogging. So…relaxing…. :)

Matt :D




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  1. Great pictures! My favorite has to be the leaves with the water droplets. I like how the first leaf is out of focus.

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