a humming bird

On This Day- we started the day off by sleeping in…till about 11. We ate breakfast and then I decided to walk up the creek. Yeah! There is a creek running through this campground!!! Its pretty awesome! After that I came back and we (my dad and I) started talking to our neighbor. To our behold, it turns out he is a photographer!! I know! How sweet is that?!?! haha So after talking to him for the afternoon my mom, sister, and I drove into town. It was awesome! We rode the trolley and I got an Italian Soda!!

Day 178- Yeah! HummingBirds are soooooo hard to photograph. They dang things cant keep still for half a second!!! So, I patiently waited for them to come back to the feeders. Luckily, they werent shy and let me get super close! I’d say its a pretty groovy shot!

This is the unedited version. Yeah, you cant see the detail in the bird at all! But alas! Photoshop can fix that!!

Viola! Photoshop fixed dee birdy! Its not the greatest Photoshop job, I probably could have done better, but it works for me, so hence, it'll have to work for you.

Now I do I saw, you WILL tell your friends about Matt’s blog!!! YOU WILL DO AS I SAY!!

Now Playing- nothing. Just the sound of a fan. :P

Matt :D

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  1. Very Interesting!
    Thank You!

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