old and vintage

On This Day- Well today was another fairly lazy day. We got up around noon and just kinda did nothing for a little bit. It started to rain which was nice and after that we thought we would go into town and ride bikes. To our behold, it was raining in town. So we decided to window shop a bit. Didnt find much but it was pretty relaxing. Then we came back to the motorhome and made some smores! Yum!! Pretty tasty treat I’d say. Oh, and, and, we found my little smoker cabin thing. No I dont smoke, it burns incenses and is really cool! I got it when we went to Alaska on a cruise. I thought it had gotten left at some random campground or something!! Pretty good day I’d say. :D

On a side note, I think it would be a cool idea to collect old vintage cameras. Does anyone know where I could find em?

Day 179- Well as I said, we just kinda walked around town. This is the Post Office of Durango.

The original photo. I like it. But I thought it would be cool to make it look old and stuff. Photoshop, here I come! :D

WOW!!! I think it turned out super duper cool!!! It almost looks like it was taken a long time ago and has been...poorly treated? I dunno. :P Dont even ask what I did here. Cause I did a bunch.

Ye hath been toldeth to telleth all thines loyal mates about tis blog.

Now Playing on my iPod- Your Love Is My Drug-Ke$ha

Matt :D


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