The Camera Lens Mug

Ok, so like if your a photographer, you HAVE to order one of these baby’s!!! I dont give a piddly-diddly if your Nikon or Pentax or any of the other guys, this thing is uber awesomeness!!! Ok?!? Just look at it?!?!? Bask in its glorious awesomeness with a side of amazingly coolness!!! I mean seriously, ALL of your photographer friends will be jealous beyond belief!!! They will just HAVE to have one!!! My mom (being awesome) ordered me one!!! Hooray! So order it now!!! From the bestest  most amazing photo store ever…..PHOTOJOJO!!!!!!!!!!!!! No, seriously, order one. These things are sometimes hard to find and uber cool.


Check it out here!!

And here!!

And even here!!!

LOOK!! I posted the same link THREE times so you dont miss out on this opportunity!!! K?

Matt :D



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6 responses to “The Camera Lens Mug

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