dear deer

On This Day- well today we decided to go to Silverton and get some funnel cake. After that we drove to Ouray. What an awesome town!! My dad and I did a hike up to Cascade Falls. After that we stopped back in Silverton for dinner at “The Handlebar” WOW! Was is gooood!

Day 182- Well while dad and I were hiking up to Cascade Falls we ran across Mrs Dear! Yeah! What a lucky shot is the first thing that pops into my mind! In order to get her attention, I made a weird popping noise with my mouth. She turned her head for just a second to see what the noise was and then quickly went on her way.

Yeah, this is the unedited version. I think its really good and didnt need much Photoshopping.

As I said I didnt need to Photoshop it much. If at all. Do you think I should have?

Well you please tell your friends about my blog? Thank you. :D

Now Playing- Bad Romance – Lady Gaga

Matt :D

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