Hooray! Pictures!

Well what can I say? I thought the internet was gonna be down for a few more days. Well should I start uploading pictures? Sure, why not? And instead of doing an edit/unedited thing, Im just gonna give you the edited version. And since Ive been home I havent taken any pictures. So just expect some of the upcoming pictures to be from the trip.

Day 183- Well on this day we decided to go 4-wheelin' again! The guy at the RV Park said it was a "quick trip" and not to far from the Rv Park. Well he had one of the two right. It was pretty close but it took about 2 hours to get to the top. Once we got to the top my sister and I decided we wanted to jump off the edge! But that dad-blasted ground broke our fall! haha Also why we where up there, we meet an old miner who used to mine there!!! We owns a claim up on this mountain and even has a mine there! He even said there was still gold in it! But the government didnt want him mining in it no more. :( It was really cool though! (no we didnt get to go in)

That thare mine has gold in it!! Cool, I know!

Day 184- This is the Colorado State Flower! Totally just forgot its name but it was a really pretty flower!

Day 185- While we where in SIlverton, we heard the best place to eat was the Handlebars Restaurant. We tried it and were very impressed! it was super duper good!

Wont yall just tell yer freendz abot matts blog?

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Matt :D


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