go figure.

Go. Figure. So Of course when I say, “oh the internet! It has stopped working! Oh the humanity!!!!” It gets back on its feet and starts working. ….. So, let me begin!

On This Day (and Yesterday)- Yesterday- I forgot what I did in the morning and ‘noon but I do remember that I went to go see Arsenic and Old Lace!! It was fantastic, as it should be. Today- Well guess what!?! I went to Costco today!!! Hooray!! Also went and tried a new frozen yogurt (my friend Sam and I call it FroYo) place, Yumberi Yogurt! It was surprisingly good! Then after that we went to costco. I love that place. Its like my second home. ;) For dinner we had Johnnie’s Pizza. We’ve been eating at Johnnie’s for…I think ever??? haha Yup. That was my day, how was yours?

Day 186- So yeah, I havent been in the picture taking mood cause I dont like going out and drowning…in sweat. haha This is form when we went to Ouray! We stopped at this place for ice cream! It was super delish! Obviously, this one has been edited. But being that Im pretty lazy, I dont wanna upload the edited and unedited version. So your gonna get the edited one.

Its a little over edited, but I still like it. :)

Day 187- Took this picture from when we went to Johnnie’s. Took it on my phone! Im starting to appreciate my phone for pictures a little more, but I still dont like using it. :P

So its kinda bland, but Photoshop can fix that! :D

So yeah I edited a cell phone picture in Photoshop. So? Its not like thats against the Photoshop rules. Its as much as a photograph as any of the other ones are! hahaha

Well thats that. Anyway, on side note, Ive been thinking about buying a camera. No not dSLR. I wish though. But more or less a cheap P&S. I kinda want something to “throw in my pocket” when I go out instead of having to take my “big” Lumix around. And then I dont have to use my phone anymore! :D haha I probably wont spend to much cause its just a “throw-around” camera. So yup. But Im still thinking about it because Im trying to save up money for a dSLR. And my own Computer. And a new iPod. huh. Life is so expensive.

Please tell your friends about my blog! Thank ya kindly! And remember to like/dislike this post!

Now Playing- Eenie Meenie – Justin Bieber – Okok, I admit it. I like Justin Bieber. Im a recent convert.

Matt :D


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