clean hands

On This Day- Well today we spent the day cleaning the house because this evening we were going to have my Uncle Dave and Aunt Theresa for Fondu in the Pool-du! haha yup! Its pretty fun and awesome! After that my Aunt wanted to see how well my camera would work on her paintings.. So, we set up a rough studio for photographing and starting taking pictures. I am proud to say she is VERY impressed (as am I) at how well the photos turned out. She is thinking of investing in a Lumix now!

Day 188- Well I took this photo a couple weeks ago. Pretty much love this photo! its sooo cool!

Well here is the unedited version. I thought it turned out pretty good. So being that its a pretty good photo, I thought Photoshop could make it a great photo!

So, editing did make it better and more poppy! Since I edited this one so long ago, I kinder forgot what I did to it. haha

Well since I love this photo so much, I decided to black and white it. Because, as we know, black and whites are the best. ;)

So thats that. And all I have to say is to tell all your friends about this blog!! Please? Thank ya very much!

Now Playing- Stuck In The Moment – Justin Bieber – So my sister downloaded the album today and she let me have it. So today, I have been listening to Justin Bieber.


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