who’s out there???

So for some reason, I feel kinda bummed right now. Like bummed about pictures taking and blogging and stuff. I think why is cause I upload a ton of pictures and like no one comments on em. Like on Facebook. I upload the P365 picture to there and like only one or two people really comment on them. Same thing with my blog. I dunno its just like I put in a ton of effort into this and its like I dont hear what other people think about the pictures or anything. And it seems whenever I say “I dont like this picture” a ton of people comment on it because they think I need encouragement or something. Well ya know, you know what would make me feel more encouraged? Is maybe if you commented on one of the photos I really like! Because those photos seemed to be over looked. Really, what Im trying to say is, Who is looking at these? Like do you like what your seeing? Do you like my pictures? I dunno, but it makes my day when I get a comment from someone new! Its really cool!

Anyway, if your reading this. Please to something to this post. Comment on it. Like it. Dislike it. I dunno.

Matt :|



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5 responses to “who’s out there???

  1. Elliott Price

    Aww! Don’t get discouraged… I’ve been keeping up with your blog, but I’ve been so super busy that I haven’t had time to comment! :(
    You think you’re depressed about P365?? You’ve been uploading every day… I haven’t even gone through most of our photos from our trip yet, I’ve been so busy, and am like 5 weeks behind or something. At least I know I have lots of pictures that I can use… So, in conclusion, CHEER UP! P365 isn’t for other people… It’s for you. And you’re doing a great job. I’ve been enjoying your and Austin’s photos a lot, and I think it’s a great project that we can do together, even though we don’t live in the same state! Hopefully, we’re all learning from eachother, as well as developing our own styles and techniques. Keep moving forward, and keep up the great work!!

  2. Calvin Jagoda

    Im here!! :D

  3. I keep up with your blog! I get emails every single time you post, so I read them. Like Elliott, I just don’t always have the time to comment. Keep up posting! You really do have some great pictures posted!

  4. I think when your an artist it’s really hard, and you have to always do it for yourself and not other people.

    You could always make a deviant art account; you get a lot more feedback on there than blogging (in my opinion)


    It’s also really interesting looking at other peoples work (:

    don’t loose your faith in photography you take wonderful photos ^_^

  5. Thanks for all the support guys and gals!

    And Ill look into that Doxiequeen1! thank you!

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