this little light of mine

Thanks for all the comments guys. I dunno what was with me last night. Just a little bummed or somethin. Oh Well!

On This Day- The mornings here are usually pretty dull cause I dont get up till noon. Hey, its still summer vacation for me. :) haha, anyway, my mom took my sister and I to Samurai Sam’s for lunch and then from there we went to A Second Look to look at some random junk and then came home because we had math. :P Bleck. I dont like math one bit.

Day 189- Well this is a photo I took from the trip. Ive had a liking for it since I took it and I decided not to do any editing to it. Cause I think it looks good the way it is.

I like how the eery glow of the lamp. No editing done!! :D I love when a photo turns out really good! :D

Aww come on! Just tell your friends about my blog! Thanks!

Now Playing- Need You Know – Lady Antebellum

Matt :D


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  1. I like that “old,” eery feeling. I really like this one!

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