alfa romeo…turbocharged!!!

On This Day- Well today my mom had her art class thing so my sister and I had the house to ourselves for most of the day. So we watched the Teen Choice Awards and that was about it. haha We went out to dinner at Famous Dave’s with my grandpa. That was about it. My life is so much more interesting when Im on vacation isnt it? haha

Day 190- well while we were at Famous Dave’s we saw a couple of these weird/cool looking cars park out front. One was a kit car and kinda (using it loosely) looked like a Lamborghini. And the other was this Alfa Romeo…with a Cobra engine in it!! haha! yeah it was kinda cool.

Unedited. Blah! Bleck! Crummy! Very bland, boring, uninteresting...cell phone-like. Well cause it was taken on my cell phone.

Oh but the wonders of Photoshop!!! Oh how I loveth thee! As you can see, I did quite a bit here. Made it look not-as-much-cell-phony. haha

For some reason, Photoshop wouldnt let me convert it to Black and White. So I had to save it and reopen the already edited photo. Converted it to Black and White and absolutely love it!! Its like perfect...I think.

This car is so cool, dont you want to show it to allllllll your friends??? I can tell you do. I can see it your face. I can smell it. Like I can smell fear…..So go and tell your friends about my blog! Show them this awesome car! haha

Now Playing- Gimme Sympathy – Metric

Matt :D


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