row, row, row your boat

On This Day- ok, so all I can remember today is that my memory has been a failure. Seriously. Like I cant remember a thing. I know!?!?! Thats what I thought! But considering I just finished doing this (its still fresh on dee mind) my sister and I just watched Harry Potter. Ok, I’ll admit it, I had never seen or read any of the Harry Potter movies/books. So yeah, thats all I can remember. I feel pretty stupid right now. :P

Day 191- I took this picture on our first trip to Durango. I just love the little boat putting along the lake. Its so relaxing, specially with the fancy view behind it. :)

Ahhhhhh, so...serene......makes you wanna read a book on the porch in the warm afternoon sunlight. With the sounds of the birds chirping, the waves lapping up against the shore, sipping a glass of Coca-Cola. fall asleep. :) That sounds pretty nice right now, dont it? (unedited)

Well I decided to edit it in...iPhoto. I tried it in Photoshop and well, I didnt like it! :O Yeah thats right! iPhoto did a better job!! Wowzers!

Since your so relaxed right now, why dont you just copy this link in an email, post it on facebook, tweet it, text to your friends, Skype it, put it on your blog, call….wait, we dont do that anymore! Thats so…1990’s!

Now Playing – Somebody To Love – Justin Bieber

Matt :D


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