jailhouse rock

On This Day- Well today my memory was working better! Hooray! So as usually the morning was boring because I had missed most of it. But the afternoon was…boring. My sister and I spent a few hours tagging shirts. Yeah, its was a totally Party In The USA! But after that the real fun began! No, really! We went to Chick Fil A to support Moezart! They had like booked it for a fundraiser! It was super awesome and it was great to see all The Forgotten Sheriff buddies! :D And I got to play with Mrs Bender’s Canon Rebel xTi!! I love Mrs Bender. :) Once she sends some of the photos to me, Ill be sure to upload some!

Day 192- Well, again, as I said, if Mrs Bender would be sooo kind to send me those pictures I took with her camera, it would be really nice. Love ya Mrs Bender! :D Anyway, I loved this photo right from the start. The contrast between colors is really good and rather catchy.

No editing done to this photo what-so-ever! I love it when a picture turns out near perfect! Im sure I could have edited this one in Photoshop, but I didnt want too.

If you havent noticed, I try to make this different every time I post because I want it to catch your attention. If I just used the same thing over again, people would over look it. So therefore I try to be creative (and humorous) with my “me-getting-you-to-tell-other-people-about-my-blog” quote/sentence/thing/whatever.

Life is full of decisions, one of those is telling your friends about my blog! And its now even easier with the “Tweet” button! Just tweet it to all your friends n’stuff! Shyeah!! What will they think of next? Sliced bread? HA! Thats impossible! How will they keep it fresh and spongy?

Tweet this to your followers!! HOORAY! :D

Now Playing- Getting Better – The Beatles – haha oh yeah! The Beatles! Awesomeness!

Matt :D


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