speed of light

On This Day- Well this morning I got enrolled in a college! Yup! I signed up for a college course thing called CollegePlus! Basically, its college at home. After that I went over to Vonda’s house. She wanted me to photograph her house so it can be put on her blog! Took those photos and then went to pizza at NYPD. Fairly interesting day I guess.

Day 193- Guess what!?! I actually took this photo today! Sadly, all I had was my phone with me. :P All I did was put my phone on “Night” mode and swooshed it in a swooshing-like motion. I got this when we went to NYPD tonight.

So here's the original, SOOCP. I didnt like the colors very much because the night mode bleaches everything out.

Oh but the great and mighty Photoshop can fix that! Hallelujah! Mainly just changed the curve to make it darker and saturated it more.

Ok, is this like not the sickest thing EVER!?!?! It looks so modern and abstract!! Oh man! its sooo cool! All I did was invert the photo. What ever that means. haha

Why dont you try and tell your friends about my blog!?! Yeah go on! See if I care! Cause I do!

Now Playing- Paint It Black – Siobhan Magnus – Seriously, when she sang this on American Idol. It blew my mind away! It twas amazing!

Matt :D



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2 responses to “speed of light

  1. Welcome to CP!
    I’m a fan of your photography. I play around but have yet to take an epic picture.

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