fluffy clouds

On This Day- Well it started out pretty dull. Some friends had invited my sister and I to come and hang out with them at the mall. When my dad found out about that, he said we couldnt go. Not because the people we were hanging out with were bad or anything, its because when he owned a store in the mall, he hated having a bunch of kids just wander around doing nothing. So my sister and I were pretty bored until he suggested going to MacAlpine’s Soda Shop! It was sooooooo good! After that we went to Photomark! Its a super cool photography store in downtown Phoenix. I got to hold and play with a Leica M8.2!!! :D

Day 194- well I wish I would have brought my camera to MacAlpine’s. It was like all old and stuff and really cool! Anywho, I took this photo when I was in Texas a few months ago. I love the light streaks and everything. And the deep dark blue.

This is the SOOC shot. I like it. The dark blue and light streaks and all.

This is the Photoshopped version. I decided not to go all super crazy nstuff and just edit it a little.

Wontchya tellya friends about my bloga? Sure! Why nota?

Now Playing – The Fame – Lady Gaga

Matt :D


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